We spend our whole lives just chasing. Chasing after a new opportunity. To love. To be loved. To be recognized. To understand. To be understood. Why is it we can’t be the chased? We must always be THE chasers. Hmm…I just wonder you know, maybe someday we’ll all look back and realize why we didn’t survive. It’ll be because we didn’t stop to catch all of the breath we had lost. All of the time. The experience. And we’ll feel ashamed because we’ll know. We’ll know we didn’t survive because you can’t live without breathing. Actually breathing. Not just in and out, but actually knowing what it means to inflate and deflate yourself both willingly and unwillingly. Simultaneously really. We’ll have lost the ability to know the art of the chase. It will only exist as a conforming factor of weary habit. And we WILL regret it.


Stand Up to the Status Quo

Insecurity…it’s a cruel thing. It tends to eat at our self respect. We need to pursue individuality instead of minimizing it. Even though the majority is easy to disappear and get lost in, one should always consider who they are when singled out from society.

Well, let’s see…normal is an extremely dry and dull word which fortunately makes it compliant with its definition. Normal: adjective; 1/ Conforming to a norm or standard; typical. 2/ Of average intelligence or development. It is incredibly annoying when people use the word “normal” in everyday circumstances. It’s as if they feel obligated to strike down on anything they envy or aren’t used to. They feel threatened and that means others must be invited into their unhappiness. It’s okay to be different.

Some may try to challenge that statement and argue that it is safer to fit in. Yeah…that may very well be so, but life isn’t about staying safe. We must learn to rise above the expectations. People aren’t made to be the same. Unfortunately, in our society those who have the imagination to be different don’t have the courage. Those who have the courage usually don’t have the imagination, you rarely find an individual who actually is courageous enough to be different. In some cases it can be dangerous. People can be severely picked on for “running upstream” instead of down with everyone else. If everyone were made to be carbon copies…trust me, we would know because everyone would look alike, think alike, and be a huge happy boring family. Since we are all unique we must realize similarities also bring us together…in moderation.

Individuals are more interesting as it is, how do people become friends and enemies? How do people become attracted to each other? It is based on difference and what we find in others that they we can’t see in ourselves. If we were all identical prototypes to one original there would be no reason for meeting new people. Filling in the image of cookie cutter molds isn’t our destiny if it were, life just wouldn’t be the same. We wouldn’t be able to survive as a race if we all had the same ideas and interests. No new advancements would happen if we weren’t able to use multiple perspectives. Therefore all art and creative aspects of life would be insipid and colorless. With individuality art is vivid and imaginative.

As cliché as it sounds no one is ever hit with the urge to be who they are really “meant to be”. If someone makes a negative comment towards a difference in another person they automatically begin to shut down and question whether it is a good thing to pursue their matchless traits. It triggers an insecurity that could even lead to self doubt, what a horrible thing to plant in another human being. To be responsible for killing the extravagant, daring soul which lies inside that person…a burden I would not appreciate living with.

So…in the meantime we should all strive to be human and live in our own ways. No one should feel the need to live up to expectations. Afterall, they only kill. Just learn to accept. It may seem as if “normal” is the right way, but originality will define you.


Fear of Love Sonnet

These hearts that lie so seldom touched are grey.
They sit and wait for love’s companionship.
Despite the fact that they will never say,
It seems that if approached by love they’ll trip.
The lonely sit and ponder all their flaws,
No thought of passion, for it could flee fast.
And some, they jump at men with open claws.
The meek wait to see if it’s willed to last.
Many hide vain feelings under their skin.
They tend to hurt those who care of them most.
Abuse of love may make one hard to win.
See, without love one is just comatose.
How is it that some just cannot be told,
That love is not meant to be bought or sold?